E+W Residences

D.D.P (Design, Develop and Practice)
Instructor: Minkoo Kang
Fall 2020
- Type: Residential
- Location: Jeffrie's Point, East Boston MA
- Individual Work
E+W Residences are located in the middle of the East Boston residential area, Jeffrie’s Point. The project forms part of a masterplan for the development of four vacant lots that stay abandoned for years. The masterplan calls for five residential buildings, and each building has its open-view deck situated in the same level height between each other residences. The open view decks aim to achieve a visual connection and unify the five distinct residences into one coherent residential community. The decks offer views to Boston Logan Airport and Downtown Boston across the water. Considering an old tunnel that runs below one of the four lots (lot #3), the project aims to open an outdoor mini-park and an underground parking lot serving a maximum of 28 cars. With a long linear open space that stretches view to the waterfront, E+W Residences will define a new streetscape of Jeffrie’s Point and provide comfortable dwellings, further embedding new communally sustainable development in the neighborhood.
This site is situated in a residential area of East Boston, about a 0.5 mile southeast of Maverick MBTA station(blue line). The site area consists of four lots surrounded by triple-decker houses.
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